It would be impossible for ACIL to meet our program goals and objectives without the support of our many partners. We would like to express our appreciation for their partnering with us and their commitment to serving people with disabilities.


West Virginia
Housing Development Fund

West Virginia Housing Development Fund

Through an $87,000 grant, the West Virginia Housing Development Fund is enabling ACIL to provide Community Living Services to 15 consumers with disabilities.

These funds are being used to pay for wheelchair ramps along with bathroom and other home modifications to enable to consumer to function more independently, conduct daily activities, and remain in their own homes and communities.

These funds are accessed on a reimbursement basis as each project is completed.


West Virginia Olmstead Plan

ACIL’s staff has worked closely with the Olmstead Program and has developed a strong working relationship.

ACIL has leveraged thousands of dollars through Olmstead to provide services wich allow people with disabilities to remain in their homes and communities as opposed to entering into an institution.


West Virginia
Division of Rehabilitation Services

West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services

Since ACIL began in 1982, we have in some form or another partnered with DRS on countless projects.

We currently contract with DRS to administer our Title VII B and State IL Program. These funds enable us to supplement our budget and provide Community Living Services in 16 counties of West Virginia.


West Virginia
Statewide Independent Living Council

West Virginia Statewide Independent Living Council

WVCIL and SILC have always had a close relationship which is pretty unique when compared to other states.

We are always working on ongoing projects such as planning conferences, workshops, legislative issues, consumer satisfaction and other topics specifically related to increasing independent living options for people of West Virginia.

We also collaborate on the WV State Plan for independent living.


Fair Shake Network

Fair Shake Network

The Fair Shake Network is a coalition of groups, individuals, and advocates that focus on educating legislators and monitoring bills that affect people with disabilities.

ACIL staff attend regular meetings and participate in Fair Shake activities when possible.


Kanawha Rapid Transit

Kanawha Rapid Transit


Through the years, ACIL has forged a strong working relationship with KRT and their Kanawha Alternative Transportation Program.

Transportation has always been a huge barrier for people with disabilities.

We now have a working relationship in which we monitor KRT’s policies and through a mutual agreement, handle excess trips and generate income through collecting fares.

Recently, after our Center’s van was vandalized, KRT loaned us an accessible van to use while it was being replaced.


West Virginia Centers for Independent Living

WVCIL is an informal association of ACIL, Mountain State CIL, and NWVCIL.

We hold regular meetings and work on issues such as compliance with mandates, program development, data collection, policies and procedures, outreach and other areas that are common to each Center.

Links to other Cetners for Independent Living in West Virginia: