Members of the ACIL staff and many of our consumers took part in the recent Bus Accessibility Day at the Laidley Street Transit Mall in Charleston. Bringing together ACIL, KRT and other community organizations in celebration of the ADA's 25th anniversary, the event was seen by those in attendance as a great success. In addition to free rides, a free luch and information, KRT presented ACIL with the keys to an accessible van which we will put to good use.


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ACIL recently sponsored two of our board members to compete in national athletic events.


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International Sports Jamboree


For more than 20 years, ACIL has partnered with the Telephone Pioneers of American on a variety of different projects. Once again this year, ACIL provided transportation at the International Sports Jamboree sponsored by the organization that recently took place at North Bend State Park. Our Center provided a shuttle service throughout the three-day event which enables children with disabilities from all over the United States and Canada to compete in athletic events and other activities.