Board of Directors

Bruce Perrone


Bruce has been an attorney for Legal Aid of West Virginia for many years. He has been an advocate for people with disabilities. Bruce also served on the WV Supreme Court of Appeals ADA Committee and has written articles which benefit people with disabilities when doing self-advocacy.


Janet Zerbe

Vice Chairman

Janet has worked for the WV Office of Health Facilities Licensing and Certification and has monitored and inspected long term care facilities and hospitals. Janet has also worked for many years with DHHR Division of Rehabilitation Services. She is familiar with the array of services that are available to people with many different types of disabilities.


Jeffrey Rodgers


Jeffrey has experience in working with people with disabilities. He was employed with ACIL for 20 years. He likes to assist ACIL in fulfilling its mission to provide top notch services to persons with disabilities in its catchment area.


Vanessa VanGilder


Vanessa is the Patient Navigator for West Virginia Center for Excellence in Disabilities.

She is a member of the West Virginia Statewide Independent Living Council, the Fair Shake Network, and the West Virginia Behavioral Health Planning Council. She was the Fair Shake Network director for 3 ½ years. She also has a background in emergency preparedness/public safety.

She is a graduate of Partners in Policymaking. She has a bachelor's degree from WVU Tech and a Master's degree in Rehab Counseling from West Virginia University.


Jerry Boyko

Board Member

Jerry has a computer technology degree from Marshall University. He has 13 years experience in security and alarm systems with 3 years as a DSL support technician. Since 2014, he has been the Program Assistant for the WV Statewide Independent Living Council. He was injured in a diving accident in 1986 leaving him with a spinal cord injury. In addition to the ACIL Board, Jerry currently serves on the Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board and the Complete Streets Advisory Board.


Randy Benear

Board Member

Randy has been a quadriplegic for 37 years and has worked full time as a computer programmer for 28 years. He has been living independently since starting to work.














ACIL Board of Directors Expectations and Commitments: