Fee Based Services

ACIL does not charge consumers for services they receive from us, with the exception of those who are over the income level for our Community Living Services Program (CLSP).

We do however, offer services to outside groups and organizations, other agencies and individuals on a fee-for-service basis. Below is the fee schedule followed, with all monies generated going back into programs to help people with disabilities.

Appalachian Center for Independent Living, Inc. - Fee Schedule

(Fee Schedule is reviewed and adjusted annually)

  • Mileage - current IRS rate or CIL rate (whichever is greater)

  • Travel Time - $25.00 per hour

  • Independent Living Assessment and report - $75.00 per hour (Consultant agrees to provide reports within 14 days following assessment)

  • Individualized Skills Training - $45.00 per hour

  • Group Skills Training - $35.00 per hour

  • Support Group Facilitation - $150.00 per two hour session

  • Service Coordination - $30.00 per hour

  • Independent Living and ADA Compliance Consulting Services - $75.00 per hour (Each additional Consultant at the same location - $45.00 per hour)

  • Contractual Management Fee (home modifications) - $40.00 per hour

  • Labor Fees - $50.00 per hour

  • Contracted Transportation - $1.75 per mile, including dead-head miles and $15.00/hour wait time

  • Consultant Services - $75.00 per hour

  • Wheelchair Ramp Construction - $75.00 per running foot (ACIL only)

NOTE: Cost for materials is based upon individual jobs


Feel free to contact our Center to request services or obtain additional information.


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